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sous-vide meat


We have put the skills and time into all our food, so we cooked the meat slowly, using the sous-vide method. Follow the instructions on the package to enjoy tender, juicy meat and rich in flavor that melts into your mouth. 


What is the sous-vide method? 

The meat is seasoned and marinated with the finest herbs, packed and vacuum-sealed, then it is placed under hot water (below 100 0C), where it stays for a long time, at a constant temperature. Thus, the meat is cooked evenly and perfectly. After cooking, the product is cooled and kept in the original packaging until the final consumer, ensuring maximum hygiene and eliminating any risk of contamination. This cooking method keeps the important nutrients "locked in", resulting in juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat that will impress any audience! 

Food & Glory. Fine Dine. In. 
It's a kind of magic!

Beef brisket with BBQ sauce 

Pulled beef 

Pulled pork

Pork ribs in honey BBQ marinade

Pulpă de miel de lapte

               Where to find us: Carrefour, Bringo,, Glovo, Kaufland,, Mega Image, Auchan, Cora, Selgros.

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